Profile: Mike Tyson


When Mike Tyson’s name is mentioned one thing that comes to many people’s head is boxing. A game that most people love to watch and catch a glimpse of the strongest men in the world. Growing up he was always one of my friend’s (who now owns a successful limousine company, www.elizabethlimos.com) favorite boxer. Tyson is a legend who will remain unforgotten because of his successful boxing career.

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Profile: Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr was born Floyd Sinclair in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 24, 1977. Sinclair is his mother’s last name, but it was soon changed to Mayweather. Mayweather was born into a family of boxers. Floyd Mayweather Sr, his father, was a former Welterweight title contender (he had a bout with the Hall of Famer, Sugar Ray). Jeff and Roger Mayweather, Floyd Jr’s uncles, were also professional boxers. Roger Mayweather (who also happens to be Floyd Jr’s former trainer) won two World titles. He fought the Hall of Famers, pernell Whitaker, Kostya Tszyu and Julio Cesar Chavez. He is currently a professional American boxer.Continue Reading

Profile: Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali’s name at birth remains Cassius Marcellus Clay and born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali is outspoken, charismatic and nicknamed “The Greatest”. In the 1960s and 70s, Muhammad Ali remain the dominant heavyweight fighter. He is a fighter with flair, cunning and exceptional speed. Muhammad Ali won the world heavyweight champion on 3 different occasions for a span of over fifteen years. Continue Reading

Boxing History


Fight with fists as competition show is as old as the sport itself. Boxing competitions have been practiced since ancient times. Greek boxers wore gloves and protections under the elbows as the only outfit, since competed naked. There is evidence that boxing prevailed in Northern Africa during to 4000 BC. Around 688 BC was accepted as an Olympic sport ( the ancient Greeks called Pygmachia), participants in these games were trained with sandbags (called Korykos), the boxers kept free fingers, carrying leather straps (himantes calls) in the hands, wrists and sometimes on the forearms to protect them from injury.Continue Reading